When The Dam Built (Showcase Documentary)

In 2010, the government has granted a Chinese company to build an hydro-power dam at Areng Valley located in Koh Kong Province. Local ethic minority and environmental activists have claimed that it would affect their livelihood and endanger globally threatened species.


Bubble: Filming without Production Party

Never have we expected Bubble, 100-dollar short film, to be one of the finalists at 2015 Tropfest SEA.

Teaming up with a group of teenagers who want to explore how it feel like to be filmmakers, we asked our lecturer to allow us to do short film as their assignment, and we share 15 dollars from each member to produce it.

< For watching Bubble online, please refer this link: https://www.viddsee.com/video/bubble/hm4u3>

All members are eager to make this short film happened, and we wanted our film to be seen by other people via social media.


A journey following this passion was hard; we all need to improvise everything to finish our 7 scenes in two-day shooting while we had to move to our crews to 5 different places back and forth. Since we do have very little money, we want every possible things free-of-charge.

I remember we had a big problem with locations. We still cannot find the suitable house for shooting until the shooting day because our appointed house was way too big for poor family to live in. Therefore, we need to check with nearby house owner to shoot. Luckily, we found one by paying her only 15 dollar. Funny thing is that two of our members need to ride a motor with a trash bin across the city for like 20 minutes to reach the shooting location. They are awesome and look so funny at that time.

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(An investigative report on the hidden story behind the Areng Dam project which goes beyond just a dam construction)


Riding a motorbike along a small gravel road surrounded by many trees where there are so many broken roads and bridges, Meng Heng, 24 year-old, said “I left my scholarship, job and family in order to come and protect Cheay Areng from large-scale dam project.”

Meng Heng made such decision when firstly visited Cheay Areng last year at which he calls Cheay Areng as “heaven on earth.”

“I cannot sit at school while the forest and animal are tearing,” he said.

After the back-out of two Chinese hydropower companies due to economical unenviable and environmental impact which could not avoid, Cambodian government is still hand the concession to the third Chinese company, Shinohydro Corporation.

Therefore, why is the government still processing the license to Shinohydro Corporation? How could Shinohydro make this project profitable?


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The Loss of Prey Lang (Showcase Documentary)

Patrol the forest, Patrol the Hope

If you live in capital city, you probably do not know how to react when suddenly hearing the sound of tree’s falling. For seven men who known as rangers in Prey Lang forest, they have to move quickly to find out where the tree is falling.

“There! Perpetrator!” a man said.

They use the term “Perpetrator” for implying to “illegal logger” who cutting down the tree in forest.

These people have been doing these similar activities for almost seven years to protect Prey Lang where they call it as “Our Forest” from illegal logging and illegitimate economic land concession.

“I’ve start patrolling Prey Lang since 2006 because I love Prey Lang. I found that natural resources have dramatically been losing which I feel so sorry for my country,” said Heoun Sopheap, Prey Lang Community Network activist in Kompong Thom province.

After the government has imposed community forest in 2006, Prey Lang Community also established to gather local people to patrol Prey Lang in order to prevent further illegal logging.

This journey is on foot; their passions lead them to walk on.

The grasses were growing above the base of cut trees where it is hard to recognize that many resin trees of Mr. Chhoun Seang have been cut down.

Standing in front of the fallen tree and pointing to his resin tree which has been fired the resin, Mr. Chhoun Seang said, “Forest has been lost even though I try to protect. Now it is still destroyed. I have try all my best although I have to sleep in the forest both raining and daylight, or both nighttime or lightening.”

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Run or Stop?

“I have immunity, and I was not driver,” Mr. Cheam Yeap, senior CPP lawmaker, said to defend his decision to leave the scene of a fatal traffic accident in Kandal province on Friday [Cambodia Daily Reported Yesterday].

Is his argument acceptable?

If he have thought about the human aspects and obeyed the law he created, he must not have done this.
According to Article 36 of the Traffic Law states, “drivers [and] all road users involved in the accident and by standers must… stop their own vehicles immediately… [and] report immediately to the local authority police.”

On Friday accident, Mr. Yeap’s did not stop after dragged the couple’s motorbike and thrown the couple from their motorbike about 50 meters, according to Cambodia Daily report yesterday.

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